Dapresy is a global provider of data visualization and data integration software. It enables clients to deploy dynamic KPI-driven marketing dashboards to clearly communicate complex data from markets, users and customers.

With over 300 clients in 30 countries, enterprises are using Dapresy to create informative stories, monitor customer experience feedback, recognize trends, and develop action plans. Its Enfesys™ feedback management technology is the next evolution in the way data is delivered and acted upon across the enterprise.

The Dapresy platform provides APIs into Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, Voxco, Nebu, and more that connect to survey and BI platforms in order to combine and visualize data without boundaries.

Dapresy was founded in 2003 in Sweden, with North American headquarters in Portsmouth, NH, and other offices around the globe. It’s clients include TNS, GfK, Cablevision, Kantar Media, Aimia, Ad Hoc Research, Blauw, AOL, Market Probe, Irwin Broh Research and many others.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.dapresy.com